Where are you located?
Clayton Neighborhood, just east of RiNo and north of City Park. We are nestled in between York & Steele (see below for directions). Our address is 3851 Steele St, Unit B, Denver, CO 80205

Additional Directions
Apple Maps & Google Maps both have our correct location. Just plug in "Realm" (rather than typing in our address) and we are the Steele Street Address in the south west corner of the complex. You can also check out our Instagram story highlight on our profile entitled "directions" for step by step instructions on how to enter via Steele Street if you're the visual type.

Entering Via Steele
When you enter from Steele, you will pass the Denver Human Services Building on your left. Continue past and you'll see brick buildings straight ahead. Take a left right before the first brick building and then an immediate right alongside the back of the building. Continue straight with the park on your left and we are the last unit on your right, in the south west corner of the complex. You have arrived!

Entering Via York
From York turn into the Inner City Health Center, which has a yellow "private street" sign and is across from the Coca Cola building. Continue until you reach a stop sign and take a right into a parking lot. Follow the one way signs in the parking lot to the left around a brick building. Continue straight between two yellow posts and we will be the building right past the yellow posts - we are on the corner. You have arrived!

Apple Maps | Google Maps | Instagram Directions

What are your operating hours?
Realm staff is on site daily 8AM-2PM and walkthroughs are by appointment outside of those hours. Bookings are available outside of cafe hours as well. Visit our “Book Now” page to schedule a walkthrough or submit an event inquiry. Photographers can book immediately on the site. One member of the Realm staff will be on site for each and every booking.

Is there co-working at REALM? 
While we love your zest for being at REALM 24-7, we are not a co-working space. There are TONS of great co-working options within Denver so we know you’ll find the right fit for you with a quick google and a few day passes to get a feel.

Do you have private studios or offices for long term rentals?
We do not offer long-term co-working rentals in the space. The Realm model is positioned towards short-term use - whether it’s hourly or multi-day rentals. 

What is the cancellation/reschedule policy?
Events: All payments are non-refundable. Rescheduling is allowed prior to 90 days from event date for a $100 fee. Fare increase may apply.
Photographers & Meetings: Rentals can be cancelled within the first 24 hours of booking with a full refund. After the first 24 hours they are non-refundable, but can always reschedule according to availability.


Is the cafe open to the public, even during photo shoots? 
Yes, the cafe is open to the public daily (aside from holidays).

What are the cafe hours?
8AM-2PM, 7 days a week

Where is Amethyst located at Realm? 
Amethyst is located in the front of our space (on the west side), so if you’re joining us for a work day or just to hang and enjoy a mid-day pick me up, you will be welcomed by one of their friendly baristas.

What is the photo policy in the cafe? 
Please keep photos limited to objects, bevies and your party only in an effort to respect and maintain everyone’s privacy.

Are there outlets in the cafe for electronic charging?
Yes, there is outlet charging at the window bar.

Is there food to eat at the cafe?
For the time being, there is no food at the cafe available for purchase, except for CHOCOLATE.

Can I rent only Amethyst’s cafe for my event? 
Please inquire directly with Realm for event rental options. 

Am I able to enjoy my coffee in the Realm Open Space
We will do our best to have the Realm open space open to the public when it is not rented - consider it an added bonus to your visit if it’s available, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee that it will be available for cafe sitting. 


What hours is the Realm Open Space available for photo shoots?
7AM-10PM Monday-Thursday and 7AM-12PM Friday-Sunday is the short answer. As a natural light studio, we also suggest to book during daylight hours.

What area of Realm is included in my photography rental?
Realm’s Open Space is included in your rental (this does not include the cafe). In addition we have a kitchenette prep area included that doubles as a changing room, a storage with a number of photo assets, as well as a double door loading access point on the east side of our space for ease of loading/unloading. 

What amenities do I have access to in the storage room?
6 c-stands, 12 sand bags, rolling garment rack, rolling trolley, steamer, extension chords, power strips, 8-foot ladder, and a handful of other useful goodies, including some surplus furniture and props.

Can I play music during my photo shoot?
Yes, we have a bluetooth speaker you can connect to so you can jam out with your cam out.

Can I re-arrange the furniture during my rental?
Have at it - just please use the furniture sliders and lift responsibly. Some of the pieces are quite heavy and one of a kind. Our goal is to protect your backs and these special Meek Vintage finds! At the end of your rental, we just ask that you put the items back - leave it like ya found it.

Can I shoot a video at Realm?
Sure can! For video with audio recording, we suggest a booking that starts at 2PM as the cafe closes. We will assist in coordinating with Amethyst staff to have a quiet space beginning at 3PM.

How is the Open Space separated during a photo shoot?
We offer two options - a sliding door separates the cafe with the Open Space, and we have a floor to ceiling curtain that separates the mezzanine stair access with the Open Space. Both options are light filtering but maintain privacy.

When can I arrive & when do I need to exit?
Set up and tear down time are included in your rental block - please plan to unload, set up, tear down, and exit within your block so we can facilitate the next booking. If available, we are able to extend your booking, day-of.

Can animals be on site during a shoot?
Yes, for a small fee of $25. Please give us a head’s up during your booking process.

Is a fresh coat of paint on the cyc wall available?
Yes, for shoots that are booked first thing in the morning, we can facilitate a fresh coat for a fee. Please coordinate with us prior to as we will paint the evening prior to your shoot.

What is not allowed during a photo shoot?
Glitter and the use of drugs (recreational and medical). This includes vaping and glitter-dipped items. We wouldn’t smoke in your house or bring you a gift bag covered in glitter, so let’s keep it mutual.

Can a cafe-goer use the Realm Open Space for photo shoots without renting the studio space when unoccupied?
The use of the studio space for photography is specifically for paid rentals.

See more info on Photography bookings here at our Photo Guide.


How do I go about booking?
We offer tailored proposals for each event to fit within your needs and scope of event. Simply submit an event inquiry at our book now page to begin the conversation!

What kind of events can be hosted at Realm?
We created Realm to be a home run for anything from small creative workshops to big dinner parties and festive celebrations. Our space can be customized in a number of different ways, so send us an email to get the conversation started about your next event! 

Do I need to use specific vendors during my rental?
We do have a preferred vendor list - contact us for more details.

What area of Realm is included in my event rental?
We offer the Open Space as a rental, all the way to a complete venue buy out - including the mezzanine, cafe and cafe patio.

Does Realm provide any tables or seating?
All of our furniture is available for your event needs - and you’re welcome to reorganize it to best facilitate your event needs. We have tables and chairs for up to 50 guests. You can also opt to clear the space for a small fee.

See more info on Events at Realm here at our Event Guide.


Where do meetings take place at Realm?
Our private mezzanine seats 10 and our open space can facilitate larger groups that exceed that number. Both spaces are available for meetings at hourly rentals.

Will I have access to Amethyst beverages in the instance that my Realm Open Space or Mezzanine Meeting Room rental takes place after cafe hours have ended?
Realm staff are unable to recreate the magic that an Amethyst barista can offer between the hours of 8AM-2PM. However, we can certainly facilitate the purchase of refrigerated bottled bevies, such as kombucha and topo chico outside of cafe hours. With notice, we can facilitate extended private cafe hours during your rental or a carafe of coffee to carry you through the afternoon.

What are the AV Capabilities?
The mezzanine offers a 65” tv and bluetooth sound bar. You can wirelessly connect your PC or Mac to the tv during your meeting while in the mezzanine. The Open Space offers a bluetooth speaker, but does not have additional in-house projection options.

Can my meeting be catered?
Yes - all vendors must be approved by Realm staff and coordinated prior to your meeting.