Looking to shoot at Realm? This guide will help you dive deeper into everything we have to offer. If you have any questions you can also head over to our FAQ page or just send us a message.



Check In
A Realm staff member will be on site when you arrive to get you acquainted with the space and answer any questions you may have.

Rental Block
Please keep in mind that your rental block includes your setup & tear down. We’ll give you a 15 minute heads up that your block is about to end with an option to extend if we have the time available before the next shoot. If you need extra time the day of your shoot and we are able to accommodate an extended time frame, you will be charged 1.5x your rental rate.

We have wifi on site and will give you the details on the day of your rental.

Access to the Space
Photo rentals include the Realm Open Space: the downstairs portion east of the cafe. The Open Space does not include the mezzanine meeting room or the Amethyst cafe. If you would like to add the Mezzanine onto your rental, please contact us prior to your shoot to ensure availability. Rates for the Mezzanine can be found here.

Loading & Unloading
Please avoid loading through the Amethyst Cafe. Load-in for the Open Space can be accessed utilizing the double door to the left of Amethyst’s Garage door. This leads to a hallway that wraps around to Realm’s private load-in entrance. Alternately you can load in through the double doors on the south side of the building that also leads to Realm’s load-in entrance. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through this when you arrive!

Cyc Wall
Please mind the curves of our beautiful, seamless, infinity cyclorama wall—while it is durable, it is not indestructible. Feel free to shoot on the flat flooring, but avoid walking or putting objects on the curves.

You have two options to mix & match! The curtains provide visual privacy from the stairs & cafe. The sliding doors provide increased auditory privacy and an additional element of visible privacy to the open space. We’ll help you get this set up to your preference when you arrive.

Audio Recording
Shooting some interview style video content? Keep in mind that the Open Space is connected to the Amethyst cafe and will have customers, coffee making, and music coming from their space. If you need complete silence we recommend you plan on capturing those moments from 3pm and later. Please contact us with any questions.

Food & Beverage 
The Realm Open Space is equipped with a wee kitchenette area so feel free to bring any pre made food items but we aren’t equipped for any on-site cooking.

It’s no secret that Amethyst has amazing coffee, and to respect their business, no outside coffee is allowed on the property during their operating hours. Coffee packages are available upon request & you can always open up a tab during your rental time and settle up by the end of your rental block.


The storage closet (next to the cyc wall), is filled with all sorts of photo amenities: C-stands, sand bags, extension chords, rolling clothing rack, rolling makeup/hair styling stand and additional furniture.

Please feel free to utilize this space for prep, refrigeration, sink access, etc. It is here for you, so don’t be afraid to look in drawers and cabinets for things you may need like bowls and cutting boards. There are also two trash bins located here.

Furniture & Props
Feel free to move or reorganize our furnishings as needed. Simply put items back where you found them by the end of your rental block so the space is ready for the next guest.

Restrooms are located through the double doors at the back of our space and down the hallway on the right. There is signage to guide you there, good luck on the way back.

Cleaning supplies are located in the storage room & kitchenette. Please return furniture to its original place, sweep or vacuum and wipe off any surfaces you used before the end of your rental block. We will assist with the cleaning & reset of the cyc wall after your shoot.

The speaker in the Open Space is available for bluetooth connection. Just push hold the bluetooth button until is says searching and it will populate as “Realm” when you search on your bluetooth settings.


Apple Maps & Google Maps (preferred) both have our correct location. Just plug in "Realm" (rather than typing in our address) and we are the Steele Street Address in the south west corner of the complex. You can also check out our Instagram story highlight on our profile entitled "directions" for step by step instructions on how to enter via Steele Street if you're the visual type.

Entering Via Steele (preferred)
When you enter from Steele, you will pass the Denver Human Services Building on your left. Continue past and you'll see brick buildings straight ahead. Take a left right before the first brick building and then an immediate right alongside the back of the building. Continue straight with the park on your left and we are the last unit on your right, in the south west corner of the complex. You have arrived!

Entering Via York
From York turn into the Inner City Health Center, which has a yellow "private street" sign and is across from the Coca Cola building. Continue until you reach a stop sign and take a right into a parking lot. Follow the one way signs in the parking lot to the left around a brick building. Continue straight between two yellow posts and we will be the building right past the yellow posts - we are on the corner. You have arrived!

Apple Maps | Google Maps | Instagram Directions

Amethyst Cafe

The cafe is open 8-2 daily. If your shoot is open during these hours, you can purchase items on the go or even open up a tab, but please do not shoot in the cafe. If your shoot is past 2pm, please help yourself to water via the Realm kitchenette and come join us again during cafe hours for coffee—it’s delicious.

Please Ask!

Thank you again for booking with us and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here to help!

The Realm Team
EB, Jonathan & Rachel