We Did It!

All photos by Joslyn Rose Griffin

Floral Backdrop For a Photo Booth

EB said it well at our launch: "To put it simply, we’ve always wanted to create a space.”

When the three of us met during our time at the graphic design program at TCU, we didn’t know how entangled our lives would become during those long nights in the design & photography labs: EB & Jonathan getting married in 2013, all three of us relocating to Denver, working together under the Combs’-owned company, The Whistler and the Well, countless road trips, and living a mile from one another.

Floral installation by  Pickle Town Floral  & Sofa sourced by  Meek Vintage

Floral installation by Pickle Town Floral & Sofa sourced by Meek Vintage


From 2013-2019, our professional lives consisted of working out of each other’s homes, coffee shops, and the occasional photo studio for shoot. But there was this underlying discomfort that we all felt in our work life: of feeling a little lonely at times and disconnected from the blossoming Denver creative scene.

In 2016 we started talking about what it would be like to create a space where people could both connect and create. Where people could be both inspired and set loose in to create their own magic.

And so the hunt began.


From the beginning, we knew that whatever kind of space materialized, we wanted coffee to be a part of it. Coffee can foster community and instill energy in a way that not much else can. And while we wanted our space to be beautiful, more importantly, we wanted it to be accessible and we knew an excellent coffee partner would be at the core of that.

Custom Banquet by Jeremiah Clark, Upholstered by  Rico’s Upholstery

Custom Banquet by Jeremiah Clark, Upholstered by Rico’s Upholstery


Sefore we started seriously looking for locations, we sat down with Elle Jensen, one of the owners of Amethyst Coffee, which we branded before their launch in 2014. We had a crush on Elle from the very first time we met, but watching her & her business partner Breezy Sanchez bring Amethyst’s brand to life through excellence in coffee & providing a space for everyone to be seen and heard gave us a deep respect and admiration for the Amethyst brand. We knew if we were going to have a coffee partner, we wanted it to be them.

When we sat down with Elle to first ask about Amethyst partnering with us on our concept, we had that same jittery feeling of asking someone to prom—butterflies and nerves abounded. Our business didn’t have a location, heck, it didn’t even have a name, but after a brief conversation about our dreams for the space, Elle was in.


We searched for a location for over a year, visiting countless buildings all over the city and even settling on a space before being ghosted by the owner after months of negotiations. In the midst of feeling defeated, Elle introduced us to our now Landlord, Ari who she was working with to bring Amethyst’s Lakeside location to life.

And just like that, we found our new home, nestled in the Clayton neighborhood in an industrial complex shared by Winter Session, Moore Collection and A Small Print Shop. When we first walked into the space, it was thousands of square feet of concrete and rubble, the perfect blank slate to make something completely new. But … we needed a little help with that.

Elle Jensen & Breezy Sanches, Owners of Amethyst Coffee

Elle Jensen & Breezy Sanches, Owners of Amethyst Coffee


Jim and Adam, founders of Unum Collaborative, breathed life and form into the space in a way we could never have predicted. Over the months of honing in and revising the plans, they took our feedback, dreams and vision and translated them into a bright & welcoming space that we couldn’t help but be wowed by. With plans in hand, Marty & Aaron of Slate Construction turned what was once a blank shell into our dream: Realm.

Ceramics by  Mortar & Stone

Ceramics by Mortar & Stone


A three year process culminated with our June 8th launch party, our “Thank you and welcome in” to everyone who has been supporting us and following the journey. Our beverage sponsor Avant Garde, provided beer and wine, Pickletown Flower Co created a stunning floral installation that became the iconic backdrop of the weekend, Winter-Session created custom branded keychains that guests put together themselves, Joslyn Griffin captured the evening in her stunning style, and Prim Communications helped facilitate the event so it ran smoothly.

We were are humbled by the overwhelming support from our friends, families and the creative community and we can’t wait to see what kind of magic you create.

Breathe in. Breath out. You are here.